“New” Facebook is actually much better…

For the past 24-48 hours there has been a lot of moaning about the changes Facebook have made to the layout. Now I don’t really understand what all the fuss is about, except that it seems any change annoys people. Maybe they didn’t bother to review the initial intro that told you what is happening, and just did the typical “yeah whatever, I wanna play farmville” thing.

Personally I like the revised facebook, since it has made a few positive changes (at last):

– Pictures are now larger and you can see smaller versions of multiple photos at once on new album uploads.

– New “Closest Friends” list means you can add those who you do really want to see all the updates for, as they happen – less time spend wading through zillions of life drama posts from those you occasionally keep up with to find the one post by a close friend. If you ask me, that’s almost worth paying Facebook for as a feature…

– Your custom lists (if you bothered setting them up and locking down your account) are more useful as you can use them as feed filters (the thing everyone says is like Google+ circles). Again, this makes it better for me since I filter work colleagues, close friends, random aquaintances etc.

– Updates to posts are appearing reliably now (whereas before you refreshed and it was some voodoo if they came or went – now you don’t refresh, it just happens

– It appears to be remembering what you last read across mobile and web version, so I don’t end up reading the same post over and over

– It is reliably remembering where I last read to, so the next time, the old stuff I saw last time goes to “older posts” at the bottom better

– I quite like the live “scrolling” events as they happen on the right hand side too – quite handy (although I’d like to be able to make that just live events for my “closest friends” filter to make it less busy.

Personally, I’m not entirely sure what the big fuss is about. It seems cleaner, quicker and saves me re-re-re-re-re-re-reading stuff all the time. Win all round if you ask me. Given I use Facebook from loads of different devices (according to Facebook, I have 31 registered devices), it makes sense to track my last views centrally.

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